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Nobody does it quite like Anne Hathaway. Here is a ranking of her best movies, according to Letterboxd.
There are some actresses in the industry today that are beloved deeply by every movie-lover out there. With projects like Interstellar and The Princess Diaries under her belt, the multi-talented and versatile Anne Hathaway has cemented herself as one of the best and most poised actresses working in the film industry today. If you watch movies at all, chances are you have seen at least one project with Hathaway in it. However, with a filmography as extensive as hers, how can you possibly rank them all? Well, good thing there are online platforms for everything these days!
Many casual and hardcore movie watchers rely on reviews and critics' scores to determine if something is worth their next watch. For an actress with such an impeccable reputation as Hathaway, Letterboxd might be the right platform to check out. Letterboxd is a platform where movie lovers are able to track, rate, and review the movies they watch. In addition to that, members can also interact with other users. With that in mind, here is the ranking of the best Anne Hathaway movies based on their scores on Letterboxd!
Hathaway remains one of the most recognizable names in the industry today. Whether it be the longevity of her career or the fact that her filmography spans across genres, Letterboxd made sure that we will have a nice start. In 2011, she starred alongside Jim Sturgess in the romance drama One Day. One Day averages 3.5 stars on Letterboxd and follows the lifelong friendship and relationship between Emma and Dexter. If you are in the mood for something heartfelt and emotional, this is a solid choice.
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If you thought that you have seen all the talents of Hathaway, just wait until you see Les Misérables. Les Misérables is a movie musical film that came out in 2012. This iconic historical drama musical has given us songs like "I Dreamed a Dream" and "On My Own," and the film adaptation of the stage play has a 3.5 rating on Letterboxd. Hathaway plays Fantine, a young woman who is forced to give birth and raise her child, Cosette, by herself. To make things clear, you need to have your tissues ready for this one.
Hathaway is no stranger to the dramatics. The genre itself seems to be made for her. Rachel Getting Married came out in 2008 and has a 3.6 rating on Letterboxd. Hathaway plays an addict who is in and out of rehab, and is anticipating attending her sister's wedding for a weekend. Rachel Getting Married is not one of Hathaway's most iconic roles. However, this one is notable for scoring the actress her first Oscar nomination.
In 2013, the documentary Girl Rising shows the story of nine young girls from all over the world, told through the perspective of nine different filmmakers. This beautiful and heartbreaking documentary breaks open the harsh realities women and young girls fighting for the basic right to educational and a brighter future. Girl Rising has a 3.6 rating on Letterboxd.
All hail the Princess of Genovia! Mia Thermopolis is the princess we all needed when we were young and is one of Hathaway's most beloved roles to date. Disney giving us The Princess Diaries is something that we thank them for to this day. This movie is the prime example of an ordinary girl turned princess happily ever after fairytale we all dreamed of when we were younger. Fittingly, this movie is higher up on this list with a 3.7 rating on Letterboxd.
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With all of these movies under her belt, why not a superhero movie too? Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises from 2012 is the second film in his Dark Knight trilogy and is one of the best superhero movies of all time. For one, we get Hathaway as a jaw-dropping Selina Kyle / Catwoman. This film has a 3.7 rating on Letterboxd.
Hathaway stars alongside Mark Ruffalo in the 2019 mystery thriller Dark Waters, which is based on a true story. With a 3.7 on Letterboxd, this movie take suspense and action to new heights. Hathaway and Ruffalo play the husband and wife duo Robert Bilott and Sarah Barlage Bilott. When Robert starts to uncover the dark secrets behind some recent disappearance. When he tries to bring them to light, everything he holds dear is placed on the balance.
Meryl Streep and Hathaway are a dream team. In this film, we see Miranda Priestly's (Streep) new assistant Andy (Hathaway) go through different trials and challenges to make it big in her career path. The Devil Wears Prada is pretty much a classic at this point and a fan favorite in many households, which is why the 3.8 brings us higher on this list.
Brokeback Mountain has a 4.1 on Letterboxd. The movie came out in 2005 and broke boundaries in LGBTQ+ storytelling in the film industry. The movie stars Heath Ledger as Ennis and Jake Gyllenhaal as Jack. Brokeback Mountain is a story of longing and love between two people over the course of their lives that leaves audiences heartbroken from the inside out. Hathaway plays Lureen Newsome, Jack's wife.
If you haven't guessed it already, Interstellar is on top. Of course, it is. Interstellar is one of the best movies to come out in the last decade and has a 4.3 rating on Letterboxd. Interstellar stars Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Matthew McConaughey, Mackenzie Foy, Timothée Chalamet, and Matt Damon. During a time when the "space" action genre of film, Interstellar manages to stand out. The 2014 film follows a group of researches looking for a new planet for Earth's inhabitants.


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