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Friday night’s game between the Washington Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lightning was a wild and wooly affair that featured a five-minute major match penalty, multiple fights, a line brawl, and multiple misconduct penalties.
79 penalty minutes in all were doled out. This included minutes for a fight between Capitals forward Garnet Hathaway and Pat Maroon, which earned them both a fighting major penalty and an additional misconduct penalty. As a result, the DoPS has fined them both for their altercation.
Tampa Bay’s Pat Maroon has been fined $2,702.70 and Washington’s Garnet Hathaway has been fined $4,054.05, both the maximum allowable under the CBA, for unsportsmanlike conduct during last night’s game.
— NHL Player Safety (@NHLPlayerSafety) November 12, 2022
Garnet Hathaway was fined $4,054.05 and Maroon was fined $2,702.70 – both the maximum allowable under the Collective Bargaining Agreement – for unsportsmanlike conduct.

The pair fought while the officials were in the process of deciding the penalty to Capitals forward Nicolas Aube-Kubel for his illegal check to the head of Lightning defenseman Cal Foote, which occurred at 1:56 into the second period.

Ultimately, Aube-Kubal was assessed with a five-minute major and a match penalty and was ejected from the game. He will have a hearing with DoPS for the incident. Foote left the ice and did not return.
As the game progressed, there were more fights as part of a line brawl. With tensions between the teams at a high level, they have a rematch on Sunday, this time in Tampa.
By Diane Doyle
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I’d pay extra to hear Maroon throughout the game instead of ESPN announcers.
Roger that. If the NHL wants to make money, they should have an “R Rated” audio pay channel. I’d purchase.
I’d buy that too! Couldn’t be any worse than the Manning’s.
Makes no sense to fine Hathaway more as he was not the aggressor. it a shame that he didnt clock maroon a good one when he was standing and maroon was on his knees. Just goes to show that agitators are not bullies like maroon is. A question Jon, does the NHL really want fighting gone or does it just mouth the words because it makes some games more interesting and probably sell a few more refreshments after the fight and get people taking about it? Because if they were then the penalty for fighting all the time would be 5/10 and game misconduct the first time and then increase to include games suspended for subsequent fights and not be season specific but and fight. I forget who the caps were playing but Cody Eakin was in a fight and was knocked out with one punch. If I remember GMGM traded him a few days after the fight. Going to be real interesting to see what happens Sunday! .
It’s just based on salary. Hath is 1.5M and Maroon is 1.0M.
My opinion on what league wants on fighting: They don’t want to get rid of it but they can’t glamorize it either.
Refs made the right call by giving the 10’s. they needed to calm things down. They will probably be quick to dole out 10’s tomorrow. Rarely is there an ugly follow-up. Surely the league makes sure of that behind closed doors.
Maroon is a talker. Always has been, always will be. He gets under the skin of the opponents and then they respond. It looked to me that Hath threw the first punch which is what normally happens with Maroon. The league likes that passion. I like the talking part. I would much prefer to listen to Maroon miked up Sunday than the ESPN announcers we’ll get.
Go to other teams’ fan sites and you’ll hear the same complaints about Willy, how bad he is for the game. Often hear it about Marchand, how he should be expelled from the NHL. Perry is hated especially in Canada. Complaints abound for Sid as well though I admit I feel those are justified. GMs and HCs wold take any of those players in a heartbeat.
This is what Jon Cooper said when the Bolts were physically attacked by the Panthers in the playoffs and he felt the refs did not have it under control:
“Don’t get me wrong. We’re not angels out there. I’m not sitting there and saying that. Far from it. But when there’s a standard set and we’re being told things are going to called, and when it doesn’t get [called], there’s just confusion.”
“There’s nothing wrong with message-sending and tone-setting. That’s part of the game. That’s why we love it. That’s why people are lined up for tickets. It’s awesome. But do it in the parameters of the game, and the guys in stripes ought to control that. If it’s not controlled, stuff like this happens like tonight [where] you have superstars lying on the ice,” he said. “But you want that in the game. You want passion. There’s so much great about it. You want passion, but now you’re skewed on what you’re allowed to do and what you’re not allowed to do, and it keeps — it just could be frustrating.”
At least Aube didn’t throw out a chicken wing
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