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On a recent edition of The Sessions, Stokely Hathaway revealed that he was “hand-picked” to work with CM Punk until the All Out debacle scuttled plans for The Firm, gave his thoughts on the different members, and spoke of his pride in working with Jade and the Baddies versus Athena. Read on for the highlights!
On reconnecting with MJF in AEW: “First of all, fuck MJF. He is a piece of shit.”
On the brawl after All Out derailing plans for CM Punk vs The Firm: “Everything that was supposed to happen with The Firm did not happen. If people look back at All Out, and what happened immediately after the Pay-Per-View… that’s a huge part of it. We were supposed to directly feud with a guy who is no longer in the company. That is one thing I was looking forward to, because I was hand-chosen for that role. I don’t know the specifics, people are choosing sides, whatever. I just know for me the fact that CM Punk said hey, I want to work with this guy? That holds a lot of weight. It means a lot, regardless of what has happened, what will happen. And that didn’t happen. It was literally rewriting everything on the fly.”
Thoughts on different members of The Firm, fans only wanting the “finished work”: With Ethan Page right now, I think he’s doing great. I think the Gunns are doing great. Lee, he’s going to go into this feud with Hook. Things are slowly, no pun intended, gearing up. It’s just gonna take a few weeks. I get it, first impressions are everything, but it seems like it’s a little bit difficult to change people’s minds. Most people do not want to see Picasso work on this painting, they just want to see the shit done. I think that’s the phase we are in. We are working on it, but people don’t want to see the working on it — they want to see the finished product. I completely understand, but we’re all human.”
On debuting on PPV in Vegas, pride in working with strong black women: “It was quite the experience to debut in Vegas on a Pay-Per-View. You couldn’t ask for more. It was fun [working with Jade]. The one thing that I take pride in, among many things, is that it was an all-black group. I think that holds a lot of power because the dynamic was interesting. Jade had the power, and she is a black woman. She had two other black women with her. Athena comes out. Then you have me, this little guy on the side, touting all of them as queens. It was fun, and looking back, I hope that people saw that and it will open up more possibilities for other people down the line. For me, it was just a cool thing to do.”
On his surprising connecting to Big Bill (W. Morrissey): “We’ve gotten along very well. I had no idea just how similar we are. He’s very introverted as well. Legit. There was one time, it was hours before the show. I was in one of the skyboxes, just reading whatever… and then all of a sudden, I hear this knock. It’s Morrissey in the other skybox. He’s like hey (laughs). So we have a similar personality.”
On thinking Lee Moriarity is a future star: “I believe he has so much to offer. It’s time. It’s time. Baby steps. I didn’t know [what made him special] until we did this show in DC a few weeks ago. I don’t believe that everything happens for a reason, but that week I wasn’t feeling the best or whatever. Just on a whim, I [got] tickets to the African-American Street Museum. So I invited Lee to come with me because I thought it was important. We spent hours there, hours. The fact that I could see the dress that Rosa Parks wore; the tape recorder that Malcom X had; MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech. I walked into that building not feeling the best and I left feeling empowered. All over the building, it’s black history, black power. We bonded during that. As two black talents, we have a lot of thoughts and opinions on everything. He’s one of those people that has a lot of talent, I feel like it’s just a matter of time before people see that. And that’s my goal. That’s my mission. For people to know that he is really good. It’s not a matter of “if, ” it’s a matter of when.”
If you use any of the above quotations, please credit The Sessions with an h/t to 411mania for the transcription.

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