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Although the trend of celebrity worship is coming to an end, sometimes it’s nice to hear that celebrity couples are just as chaotic as we are. Ironically, Twitter just discovered a TikTok revealing Anne Hathaway‘s scammer ex-lover and they’re eating it up.
Anne Hathaway was living GOOD with her scammer man IKTR ??

Hathaway, who was then a college student, began dating ex-boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, in 2004 after her success in iconic film The Princess Diaries. The two had met with the help of friends and from there, their extravagant love story began.
Follieri was an Italian man born to a working-class family, who eventually finessed himself into affluent circles. As TikTok creator Scamstories revealed, think Anna Delvey — before she was even a thing. Follieri’s finesse was Follieri Group, a real estate company that would help the Catholic Church sell its properties. Why did these churches need to sell you might ask? Well, at this time, the Church was being outed for the Priest’s incessant abuse that it covered up. Some might argue that Follieri was a humanitarian of sorts. His manipulation ran so deep, he even installed an altar in his office and “hired a nun as a secretary,” revealed Bullishstudio.

@scamdelicious Anne Hathaway may have had a happily ever after in the Princess Diaries, but we’d like to see a movie about her real life Prince Charming and his con artistry ??#scamdalous ♬ original sound – Scamdalous

These connections eventually looped him in with former president Bill Clinton and associates — who he later scammed, but more on that later.
Similar to those who appreciate romance and luxury, Hathaway and Follieri just couldn’t seem to leave their opulent lifestyle alone. Although lover’s quarrels were their usual, they were enamored with each other. Follieri exuded success and could keep up with Hathway who was excelling in her career. He would fly back and forth from Italy to the states visit Hathaway, chartering private jets just to solve disagreements — a love story where the woman takes the bad boy back one too many times, sound familiar?
Hathaway enjoyed the finest of arrangements like yacht outings with Clinton, and more of the upper echelon. Their final breakup was only final because of an uninvited friend: the feds.

Where Anne hath a will, Anne Hathaway
— æ-Remi (@rosadeaux) November 3, 2022

Follieri was just four years into his luxurious love affair and finesse when he was arrested for fraudulent behavior regarding his $50 million USD investment with Clinton and was sentenced to four and a half years. Unbeknownst to her, Hathaway was the partner of a scammer, so naturally, the feds took her private belongings, too. Everything from fine jewels to her personal diary was seized. Talk about violating.
Follieri later revealed to Daily Mail that Hathaway never reached out post-arrest, to which they shared the headline “I don’t blame Anne Hathway for ditching me overnight.” In his interview he detailed, ”If I remember, Annie’s last words were ‘I love you forever’ and we ended the call. That was 2 a.m. on June 24, 2008,” he continued. “At 6 a.m. I was arrested. I never spoke to Annie again.”
Truthfully, the only way to handle a scammer ex-boyfriend you took things too far with. Block, delete, move on — but thanks for the gifts, though.

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