Always Wanted to Own a Post Office? Hudson Valley Branch For Sale –

It's not every day a post office goes on the market, so if you've always wanted one you may want to jump at the opportunity.
An interesting real estate listing popped up online this week for a U.S. Post Office building in the Hudson Valley. That's right, you could actually be the proud owner of an actual working post office.
The building on Raymond Avenue in Pougkeepsie has hit the market for over $2.75 million. According to Blue West Capital, which is handling the sale of the property, the post office has been operating at this location for over four decades.
For those who frequent the Arlington Post Office branch, the sale is not expected to affect the day-to-day operations of the postal service. According to the listing, there is still over six years left on the lease, and the post office is not expected to be going anywhere. In fact, the last time the USPS extended its lease, the terms were for ten years.
It's unclear just how much the post office pays in rent, but the property is being sold as an investment opportunity. At over $2.75 million, the building will need to pull in some serious income to recoup the asking price.
The building is located at a highly coveted spot on Raymond Avenue near Vassar College. With the construction of a new hotel, restaurant and bar on campus, the Vassar area is expected to get even more vibrant over the next few years.
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