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HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 18: Jennifer Coolidge attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Prime Video's
Image Source: Getty / Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / Contributor
Jennifer Coolidge is providing nail inspiration that would make Tanya proud. On Jan. 18, the actor attended the premiere of the movie “Shotgun Wedding” in Hollywood, wearing a glazed-doughnut manicure with a special touch.
Coolidge’s nails were filed into an oval shape and painted a translucent pink-chrome color. To add some flair, a basketweave pattern was added to each finger, giving the illusion of little squares all over her nails. The manicure was the perfect addition to the rest of Coolidge’s look, which consisted of shoulder-length waves, subtle makeup, and a black minidress with a sheer ruched panel.
Glazed-doughnut nails have become a Hollywood favorite after being revealed as Hailey Bieber’s go-to manicure of choice. The technique is simple: apply a translucent-pink nail polish as a base, then rub chrome powder on top. However, since the trend has taken off, glazed-doughnut nails have taken on a life of their own, resulting in additional trends like chocolate, candy cane, and glazed-doughnut french manicures.
If you want to take your own glazed-doughnut nails to the next level, take a closer look at Coolidge’s manicure for some inspiration.
US actress Jennifer Coolidge arrives for the Los Angeles premiere of Prime Video's
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